better hiding places
why you didn’t drown or get pinned between two cars all those times you could have
why rivers still look like so much heaven some days
a man who can fix you, who knows the quiet of your panic, a man to draw you a bath and call you beautiful in every language there is
reaffirmation is bullshit.
stop asking god what to do with all the woman this world wants to make of you
he doesn’t know.
trust your body for what it knows when you don’t know anything
praise your back, for how far it won’t bend
trust the etta james lyrics stuck in under your tongue
bite down
let the dirty words become sacred when you speak them.
burn the loose thread to keep it together
take it off
pretend happy doesn’t feel like such a forfeit.
you don’t owe depression to anyone. not even your poems.
you don’t have to be lady
carve yourself statue with knife
reveal the other
love the in between yourself
it is hard to be center
be stubble legs & unibrow & smell good anyway
say body because it doesn’t just body
body because bread
because bite down
say body thank you for uneven surfaces & the rough heels they make
you can only be soft until you can’t
god is extra pillow that always ends up on the floor
god is pretty clothes that always end up on the floor
god is closet
god because it is hard to say i called me to do that
because repent looks so good against your skin
god instruction manual
god how to
god give me ways to avoid saying the word
say it
i won’t ask him
for a damn