two lovers drenched in sweat outside the corner store,
large Icee cup, one straw
red lips Big Red one heart,
they sip and quench their thirst,
outside the corner store.
This day is burning hell,
Texas summer weather I am
colder than ever walking to my car,
I see two lovers and I envy their thirst.
All I’ve got lately is long nights, humid,
but with a sweat that is not binding.
I’m working the graveyard shift, smoking cigarettes,
and I have lost count of how many pills I’ve taken.
Running away from everything, I am on my way to nowhere,
and these trips never last long enough anymore.
I keep thinking about that couple outside the corner store,
I’m envious of their thirst.
Driving, I am flying, stop at another corner store,
I’ll buy more cigarettes, coupons and smiles,
the store attendant speaks to me as if I’d known her
all our lives, and I keep thinking when it was that we lost that thirst.
Lonely drive home, the highway is a graveyard.
The dead are always whispering and I listen but there is nothing new to learn.
Razor blade dreams, I’m pleading to an unknown saint,
lighting candles.
I am borrowing rituals from a faith I don’t believe in,
and I’m wishing you and I could recover that thirst.

THIRST by: Lemuel Torres