Hustle for justice like entrepreneurs though it can’t be ensured

Trying to see pure amongst the societal sickness—we’re all needing a cure

Asking for answers but their response is obscure

If people misguide you but God won’t, then I only ask for answers from her

The only one that knows everything about We

save We from drowning when sharks surrounding

Struggle for that Food, Love, Safety, and Housing

Hate finds oppression arousing- levels so astounding

They say ‘You let your chances get away’ but chances never got your way

We learned to make 10 cent Top Ramen and cans of tuna feel gourmet

This is for those who relate to celebrating two Fathers days

One mom but both roles, so Father’s Day is just an extra Momma’s Day

While outside, the State dominates a hostile state

They tell black and brown folks to ‘behave’ while police pick names for the bullets they nominate

Shake the world’s apathy like emotional tectonic plates

Police on black crime- while they redirect where they place their blame

Multiple threats at once makes it hard to concentrate

Kids fail Math, but the prison statistics attempt to calculate their fate

Operate on trauma- the trauma unit starts to operate

We don’t have the luxury to pay to meditate to get to say “Namaste”

It’s so criminal how the cycle is cyclical

Gains are minimal though you work beyond hours that are billable

The weight’s heavy- spiritual, mental, and physical

Prepped for daily survival as a ritual as soon as they clipped the umbilical

Critical conditions- the conditions just ain’t livable

Battle of survival- the survivors try to survive by getting rid of you

Still they tell you to fight through it, just put on that cape and be invincible

The rest of the city can’t see your struggle- your only superhero power is being…


Invisible by Fernando Márquez