This year’s theme is cultivating compassion and encouraging equality. But what does this mean?

The act of writing captures the human experience from the mundane to the most extraordinary. And the art of writing conveys the thoughts, emotions, and experiences unique to the individual.

But differences cultivate compassion that unites individuals through empathy. Injustice is such an experience that links one person to another across the world. Definitively, writing connects individuals to the community at large.

Your story matters and we invite you to share it.

-Jessica Gonzalez and Sabrina Zertuche
Managing Co-Editors

From Issue 44:

From the Editors

We, the editors, are students with a passion for stories. As a class, we were tasked with curating and designing our university’s literary journal; no small task, mind you, but we discovered that each one of us brought a particular gift to the team. We chose to go about putting together The Thing Itself with joint collaboration. We have come to enjoy learning from the many writers who honored us with their submissions, and it is our greatest hope to delight our readers with writing that cultivates compassion and motivates empathy.
– Jessica Gonzalez

Constructing the print version of the journal was a welcome learning experience, but the online version brought its own challenges. Technology holds a greater role in everyday life, and our goal is to provide an online version that keeps the focus on the work, and not distract with complicated navigation. Like our print journal, the online edition seeks to showcase the author’s passion, emotion, and hard work, and share those accolades with the world. We strive to honor our authors, and provide a welcoming online atmosphere for those who discover The Thing Itself.
– Sabrina Zertuche

The poetry editors at The Thing Itself find that poetry must strike the reader emotionally, allowing them to feel what the writer is trying to convey. We chose poems that evoked compassion and empathy through imagery, diction, and passion. We hope that our readers will feel the same way we did while reading the poems in our 44th issue of The Thing Itself.
– Monique Cortez

With the changing social climate around the world, promoting compassion and encouraging empathy has never been more relevant than it is today. When discussing what we wanted for the prose section of The Thing Itself, the editors strove to find pieces that fulfilled the mission of the journal as well as filled the void of compassion and empathy within today’s society. The three pieces, though vastly different, not only encompassed the journal’s mission, but caused us to view the world and ourselves in a new light.
– Madison Raines













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